Thursday, November 27, 2008

YouTube Live

I watched all of YouTube Live a couple of hours ago and thoroughly enjoyed it. The stars of YouTube and even people like Katy Perry and Will.I.Am all congregating in one place and performing what they do on the internet, live, was really enjoyable. A couple of them seemed awkward when being in the spotlight on a live internet stream for some reason but oh well, their composure was regained quickly thankfully.

I especially liked Michael Buckley, who is always a pleasure to watch, Beardyman, Bo Burnham (big fan) and DJ Mike.

They say this thing is annual? I think it would be pretty awesome if it was every six months to be honest with you.

A good way of spending two hours if you have it.

Click here for the full YouTube Live video

Tuesday, November 25, 2008


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Monday, November 24, 2008

Left 4 Dead - Initial Thoughts

One of the games i'm playing at the moment, apart from Fallout 3 and Wrath, is Left 4 Dead, the new co-op zombie apocalyptic FPS from Valve.

Now, I must admit, i'm a big fan of the whole 'zombie' thing.

Love the films.
Love the games.
I even love the books.

So yeah, me like zombies.

But this game truely blows away any predecessor that it may have had in terms of zombie related FPS games in my opinion.

Now, I think that when some people read this, they will cry out 'but what about Resident Evil 4?!'. Well, true, that is a zombie game in effect, but it isnt an FPS in the sense that L4D is. L4D takes the theme of a zombie outbreak and does wonders in terms of both gameplay and visual effects.

I first played L4D when the demo came out a couple of weeks before its actual release. The demo allows you to play 2 'stages' in one of the four 'movies'. This demo really wowed me and convinced me that I had to buy this game.

After installing the game on release day from steam, my first impressions of my first, full 'movie' were nothing short of amazing.

First of all, the Dynamic AI 'Director' that is implemented in the game is a fantastic feature. It basically ensures that each 'movie' you play, no matter how many times, will always be different; with hordes of zombies placed where you wouldnt imagine, pouring out of vents in the roof to getting to the last door and there being a beastly tank blocking your way to safety, this game is different every time you play.

The weapons available, while limited, provide a good spead of armaments. You have the close range Shotgun/Auto-Shotgun, the spray down SMG/M4A1 or the ranged sniper capabilities that come from the Rifle. These weapons cater to what I assume to be the three different archetypes of FPS players to an extent.

The graphics are very pleasing, with the 'movie grain' effect really adding to the suspense of the overall game, especially when you turn a corner to find a witch staring at you when you have your flashlight on. Fun times.

I could go on, but I think thats enough for one night. In short, Left 4 Dead is a fantastic game for any good zombie/FPS lovers who like getting tingles down their spine from a game. I might go into more detail about the game in a later post, but for now, this will do.


Hi there, pull up a chair and lets have a bit of an introduction.

This is gonna be the home for my new blog until I get some hosting. But until then, it seems that Blogger will have to do. Hey, i'm not complaining that much.

So anyway, my name is Richard; most people call me Ricky but call me whatever you like.

I decided to start this blog because I realised I wanted a place to share my opinions to whoever wanted to see them.

Im going to mainly talk about what interests me, namely new technology, new gadgets and gaming. But I may branch out and talk about topical subjects and what is going on in my life.

I hope some people are going to read this and recommend the blog to friends, but hey, if you think it's crap, no problem. I'm sure someone else will.

Thanks for stopping by and even more thanks if you feel like hanging around